Manager uses CCTV to save man from being poisoned by his date (Video)

Manager uses CCTV to save man from being poisoned by his date (Video)

A Nigerian man has allegedly been saved from being poisoned by a female friend, who was exposed after they went to hang out at a hotel.

He took her to the hotel bar to relax and have some drinks, but after chilling for sometime, the hotel manager approached them to make some hefty allegations.

The manager accused the lady of poisoning the man’s cup of drink, but he doubted that she would ever do such.

An argument ensued and the girl was asked to take the cup and drink the liquid substance, but she refused.

They eventually took the matter to the manager’s office where a CCTV footage was replayed and they saw what she did.

Things grew intense as the victim wanted to get physical with the lady, but she kept lashing out and acting like she did nothing wrong.

Watch the video below:

Many social media users opined that it was acting, however, others said that whether it was real or note, there is a vital lesson.

kay20vs17; Assuming the guy died now, you guys will believe it’s not acting…

ijesaekun; Let’s forget about the poor acting of both the guy and the Lady let’s all focus on the message, PLEASE TRUST NO ONE ๐Ÿ™Œ

the_savage_dj; Arrest her charge her attempted murder. She go shut up when she reach prison

curtis_yuppie; Staged or not staged but take the lesson and move with it

niffy_casual; The lady in the video posted the video on tik tok ๐Ÿ™„ believe social media post at your own risk

oriyhomie_wg; Opelope camera this one for don GONE TOO SOON

yemiwo01; If this film don enter Cinema make una update us ๐Ÿ˜‚ so we go fit watch the full clip

Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported weeks ago that Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ contestan, Chichi has opened up on her traumatic experience growing up.

The Exotic dancer revealed that her father was poisoned to death when she was a child and it’s something that she can never forget.

She stated while having a conversation with fellow housemate, Deji, after lights out on Tuesday, 16th of August, 2022.

Chichi also said that she was abandoned by her mother when she was just a baby, so it was her dad that raised her before the his untimely death.

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