Man in pains as ATM swallows his cash as he was wasting time (Video)

Man in pains as ATM swallows his cash as he was wasting time (Video)

A man left an ATM feeling disappointed and furious after the machine played a fast one on him while making a withdrawal.

He inputed a certain amount he wanted and when the money was dispensed, rather than take everything at once, he was picking the notes one by one.

In a video which has gone viral, he was counting the notes while collecting it from the ATM, but when it got to the last note, the ATM retracted the cash.

The incident happened in South Africa, and it was a 100 Rand note that went back into the machine. It is believed that the money had already been deducted from his account.

He could be heard exclaiming towards the end of the clip when he realised that he made a mistake not taking out everything immediately.

Watch the video below:

@MichShoxen; Why is he counting it though? Does he think the atm will rob him?

@MSE_4; I’m ngl this made me laugh entirely too hard

@krbnare3; Talk about being dribbled by an ATM 😂

@sun_shynn_; Lol ATM has a time limit, don’t people know that. It retracts the money once you have reached the time limit

@jayem90210; Money goes back to your account, if ATM takes it back. It’s done for security reasons – in case someone forgot to walk away with their money – after a transaction 💵

In similar content, a Nigerian woman was captured on tape causing damage to an ATM in the United Kingdom.

The disgruntled lady pulled of her shoe and used it to smash the screen of the ATM screen in broad daylight.

Though it is yet to be clear why she acted in that manner but her behaviour came as a shock to passersby who gathered.

While someone was recording her, a Caucasian man appears to be questioning to explain why she decided to damage the ATM.

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