Lady finds out a month to her wedding that she’s pregnant for church youth leader

Lady finds out a month to her wedding that she’s pregnant for church youth leader

A Nigerian lady has reportedly gotten pregnant one month to her wedding and she is scared that it would prevent the occasion from happening.

Her friend known as Blessing Andrew shared the story on microblogging platform, Twitter as she noted that the girl’s fiancee is responsible.

She said the fiance is a youth leader in the church and they are both confused on what to do about the situation.

According to Blessing, her friend is considering an abortion because if the church finds out she got pregnant out of wedlock, they would refuse to wed them.

The post reads; ”My friend who’s supposed to get married next month, just found out she’s pregnant. She’s thinking of an abortion because if the church finds out, they won’t wed her. They are both confused (the groom is a youth leader in church).”

In reaction netizens gave suggestions on how they can remedy the situation.

@ope_billy; Tell the church… Worst scenario: No white wedding gown, demoting from position held in church, asking for forgiveness from church, parents and God.

Best scenario: God will forgive and you’re clean. When Bible told you, to flee fornication, na to avoid wahala like this.

@FunmiKolz; They better not touch that child. They should go to registry and get wedded then do thanksgiving in church. Life isn’t that hard again

@Jon_Unusual; Churches can be funny sha, you won’t join couples bcos they’re pregnant but you can take their money during Thanksgiving

@Vikky4_; Do a traditional wedding and court wedding. They would be suspended in church definitely. That’s the punishment. People will talk and forget about it as time goes on. The most important wedding is the traditional marriage.

In other news, a woman has reportedly ended up single again after snatching her best friend’s husband and getting married to him.

This is according to a Twitter user known as @Queenn_Ufuoma, who narrated how she is trying to recover from the heartbreak.

She said the lady who got married to her best friend’s husband after snatching him, took in for him, but he divorced her after she gave birth.

Ufoma said the lady is now set to release a book about women empowerment.

She tweeted; ‘‘This one married her best friend’s husband, he abandoned her shortly after she gave birth then divorced her, now she’s launching a book because she’s a strong woman. Omo!!!”

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