Lady discovers her ‘rich’ fiancé lives in uncompleted building

Lady discovers her ‘rich’ fiancé lives in uncompleted building

A Nigerian lady has narrated how she discovered that her man was not a wealthy person like he made her believe.

The young woman known as Yougochi, who lives in US said she met a man who won her heart and her father liked him.

According to her, the guy promised her the world and he portrayed himself as someone who was financially stable enough to take care of her.

However, after they got engaged and were preparing to become husband and wife, she discovered that he lives in an abandoned building.

Yougochi revealed that her fiancee had no money and the property he could brag about was a pet monkey.

In her words; ”I was skeptical when we first met but he won my heart and my father adored him. He was so charming, doing very well for himself, and said he’d show me the world.

When it was time for us to marry, I found out he lived in an abandoned building with his pet monkey & had no money.”

In other news, a man has reportedly canceled his wedding over his fiancée’s comment on social media where she revealed that she could cheat for money.

The woman commented ‘Yes’ when a Facebook user asked women if they would cheat on her husband for N1 million and someone who knew the couple saw it online.

The person screen grabbed her comment and sent it to her fiancé who immediately ended their relationship and called off the wedding which was supposed to hold December 2022.

A Twitter user known as Josephine @JojoNitq shared the story on the microblogging platform.

The tweet reads; ”A man cancelled his wedding that was supposed to take place in December 2022 ….because the bride to be commented yes on Facebook that she can cheat on the husband for 1Million naira …someone that knows her screen shot it and showed the guy….was the man’s action right?”

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