Cab driver drops his girlfriend at car park not knowing she was traveling for her wedding

Cab driver drops his girlfriend at car park not knowing she was traveling for her wedding

An Uber driver has been left with a broken heart following the shocking discovery that his girlfriend was getting married, just days after that last time he saw her.

He reportedly took her to the car park on a Tuesday because she was embarking on a trip, but he never knew that she was going for her wedding.

The cab driver later discovered that she was getting married on Saturday which was the wedding day.

According to a Twitter user @cassy_collins_, who shared the story, the man was crying while narrating what happened to her.

She tweeted; ”My Uber driver started crying this afternoon on the trip because his babe of 3 years that he dropped at the car park on Tuesday got married to someone else on Saturday. You people need to stop destroying others like this, it’s too wicked abeg.”

Reacting, @okeken53 wrote; If u cannot be committed n faithful to your partner while not break up and tell him/her. The way dey move on without explanation n no remorse is disheartening. Is worth going to jail abeg for jst 2 months. Tell him or her u know do again on time b4 carrying out ur evil plan. 😤

@TooshModels; Men are not as heartless as Women, Men Just don’t talk about their bad experiences with women. They absorb the hurt and Move on, Unlike women crying ‘Men are Scum’ everywhere.

@HighValueMan100; @toxchie; The emotional damage that infidelity and other forms of betrayal in relationships cause is underrated!get rara here men

@BlackoceanBlack; If U fall for this scam na U sabi,it’s only when they pick good looking ladies with nice hair expensive jewelry they start telling their life story and predicament,it’s a new scam in town after listen to theirs stories just say god is strength don’t sympathize by giving your info

@Biraphil; It’ll be interesting to hear what the girl’s excuse will be. I wish I could call the offender when we hear stories like this and hear them. Lol.

In similar news, a Nigerian man has narrated how his friend’s relationship ended with him unknowingly attending his girlfriend’s wedding.

According to Twitter user, @Abdullahiabba_, his buddie had attended the wedding of a close friend on Sunday, 16th of October 2022.

But when he got there, the guy found out that his girlfriend named Fatima is the person his pal was tying the knot with.

He had been dating Fatima for three years and reportedly intended to marry her, so he felt totally heartbroken seeing her as the bride at the nuptial occasion.

Taking to Twitter on October 17, @Abdullahiabba_, wrote; ”Ladies will always disappoint you. This guy have been dating Fatima for the past 3 years with the intention of making her his wife just for him to attend his best friend matrimony yesterday and witness Fatima was the Bride. Never trust a lady.”

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