Man takes N120k loan, uses N119k to bet and lost (Video)

Man takes N120k loan, uses N119k to bet and lost (Video)

A Nigerian man has narrated how a customer took a loan from a popular microfinance bank and lost almost everything to sports betting.

He shared the man’s story in a documentary about the dangers of gambling and people who are addicted to the act.

The young bet centre operator said that the man visited the microfinance bank and took a loan of N120,000 using his brother as guarantor.

But the shocking part is that as he was leaving, he entered his virtual betting centre which was in the same building.

He then used N119,000 out of the money to bet, unfortunately he lost it all. Feeling frustrated by the outcome, he used the remaining N1k to buy weed and alcohol.

Watch video below:

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wrldprincecharming; This post it’s screaming oga sabinus 🤧

ronaldcreative; Just like Gala and coke. Great marketing strategy

interiorbyben01; Wait wait wait… what’s his brother faith now cos this boy, otilo

_deronke0; I know this building for Ipaja🤦‍♀️

frankincess_; Talk small small make person wey I wan use do collateral no run😢

kelvinblake93; Police station suppose dy downstairs.make everything just rhyme

totesandlacesdeals; Na the brother wey do guarantor for him I blame.

bossettejay; A combination of Microfinance bank, Bet shop and beer parlor. Call that building “The devil’s workshop”. 😂

Similarly, a young man left a sports betting centre with frustration and sadness after losing a the only money in his possession.

He reportedly branched to a betting shop while on his way to work and used his transport fare to play virtual bet. Unfortunately for the young lad, the ticket cut and he lost everything.

A video which surfaced online shows the moment his facial expression changed after realising that his money was gone. He subsequently burst into tears while walking out of the centre as he wondered what to do.

Eyewitness said that he lamented about not having any other money to transport himself to his place of work.

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