How I recovered 50k my ex-boyfriend owes me from his wife – Woman shares

How I recovered 50k my ex-boyfriend owes me from his wife – Woman shares

A woman has narrated how she recovered N50,000 which her ex-boyfriend was owing her before he left to marry someone else.

She said he refused to pay back and even blocked her and his family is not interested in sorting out the issue.

The lady revealed that she was able to finally recover the money from his wife who is into sale of wears and shoes.

She pretended to be a customer and ordered goods worth N70k but when the items arrived, she refused to pay and explained how the woman’s husbad is her ex, who is owing her.

Read her write-up:

”I have an ex boyfriend who is still owing me 50k till date. We broke up last year after he went behind my back to marry another lady. I still have all the proofs of the bank transfers. I have tried everything to recover my money without Success. He has blocked me everywhere and even his family shuns me and refuses to intervene.

I have been following his wife on social media and she had no idea. She’s into sales of turkey wears and nice shoes. I sent her an order for some items and she quickly responded and agreed to payment on delivery since we are both in the same state.

Everything sums up to 70k but to gain her trust I sent her 20k deposit. It’s either she’s naive or new in the business because she couldn’t contain her excitement. She was so eager to sell to me and she agreed to the deal. I arranged for my own dispatch to pick up from her location promising to pay up immediately also recommend her to many people. She was happy.

After the items arrived I sent her copies of my 50k receipt her useless husband is owing me and downloaded the full story to her. I told her to go and confirm from him that he owes me 50k so I consider the debt settled. Since that yesterday till now the man had been blowing my phone up with calls and that’s and saying he would deal with me. I’ve told him to bring it on. I just wanted to know if I’m on the wrong side of the law by recovering my money.”

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