Man got shocked as he was served Azul instead of Asun (Watch video)

A viral video captures the moment a man at a nightclub started to worry when he realized his order had been jumbled up.

He claimed to have ordered asun (peppered goat meat), but the waiter instead brought Azul, which costs more over N200,000.

In the video, employees could be seen bringing out the Azul for the man who was originally unaware of what was occurring while using a display banner.

He was sitting down on a chair which was apparently in the VIP section and the hype man could be heard hailing him as an entrance song was being played.

When the girl reached his table and dropped the expensive wine, he called her closer and revealed that he ordered asun not Azul, she had a look of shock on her face.

The hype man asked him what he said and he said that what he ordered was not was not brought out for him.

He began sweating and his facial expression portrayed a variety of emotions ranging from shock to anxiety and fear.

The hype man had to tell the Disc Jockey to stop the music because there was a misunderstanding, which he termed ‘Wahala’.

Watch the video below:

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