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Video of viral woman as she reconciles with husband who cheated on her with ‘bunch of women’

According to reports, Blessing Newton Abahi, a Nigerian woman who filed a lawsuit against her husband for infidelity, has reunited with him.

Her narration of her marital difficulties in a reality show based on the legal system served as the music that made her a viral phenomenon.

The woman rose to fame after the TikTok video-sharing app started using the soundtrack of her words, "Bunch of women."

You might remember that the described how she met him one day after returning home with eight other women. At the time, she bemoaned the occurrence bitterly since she felt betrayed after everything she had done for him.

But Blessing disclosed that she and her husband have reconciled in a video that surfaced lately.

They were split up, but the court brought them back together, and she expressed her gratitude for it.

He was standing next to her while Blessing spoke in the same courtroom where their narrative first began.

Sharing the video, Ghanaian media personality, Delay wrote; ”After everything we did for you… especially Tiktok family… Aunty has gone back to bunch of women ohhh💔 Ey… no put mouth for people demma marriage ohh dem go disgrace you”

Watch the video below:

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