Sugar daddies have no right to complain about side chics asking for money – Influencer, Adeherself

Sugar daddies have no right to complain about side chics asking for money – Influencer, Adeherself

Nigerian Influencer and comedian, Adeherself has said that men who are sugar daddies have no right to complain about their side chics who often demand money.

In a vide posted on Instagram, she sent a special shoutout to sugar daddies who live up to their roles of taking care of their homes while also sponsoring young girls.

She said that any man who knows he cannot handle the demands should just stick to being a faithful family man instead of wooing young girls.

Adeherself said that being in such category goees beyond being old or having beards as even a married 25 year old man can also be a sugar daddy so long as he provides for his girlfriends.

The content creator said that a 25 year old rich man who takes care of his family and as well as girlfriends would even have a wife that won’t give him headache because he is doing everything that is demanded from him at the homefront.

Watch her speak below:

In other news, a Nigerian woman, Mercy Tom, has cried out online because her husband proposed to his side chic while still married to her.

She narrated how he told her that he was going for a business trip, not knowing that he was going to meet his mistress and ask for her hand in marriage.

According to Mercy, someone sent photos from his engagement to her and she called him to confirm the story but he promised to all her back.

The distraught wife contacted her husband’s relatives to find out if they know about the development, to which they denied having any knowledge.

She revealed that her bags have already been packed in readiness to leave the matrimonial home if what she heard is true.

Her lamentation follows an earlier post where she said every man is a husband material.

Sharing photos of her hubby and his alleged side chic, Mercy wrote;


My story is very brief! These pictures were taken yesterday when my husband proposed to his side Chick while still married to me. A friend to this woman sent me these photos because she knows me.

My husband said he is going on a business trip not knowing this was the plan, I called him this morning and asked him about this he just said “I will call you back” that’s how he cut the phone and it has been off since that time. I called his RELATIVES and they claim not to know anything about it they are also in shock! My things are already packed! This is the worst a woman can go through.”

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