South African man locates guy who’s been texting his girlfriend, knocks him out

South African man locates guy who’s been texting his girlfriend, knocks him out

A South African man has taken an extreme measure to stop a guy from showing any further interest in his girlfriend.

He revealed that the man has been texting his girlfriend and asking her for a meetup so he decided to set a trap for him.

The boyfriend known as @BillzDaOriginal on Twitter revealed that he took her phone and pretended to be her while chatting with the admirer.

He arranged a meeting with the guy who thought he was going to see a girl he likes, however, it is the boyfriend that showed up.

When they met, Billz went on an attack mode and knocked out his babe’s admirer and left him passed out on the floor.

He shared a photo of him standing over the body of the man and stated that he did that because he does not tolerate nonsense.

@BillzDaOriginal captioned; ”He’s been texting my girlfriend asking for meet ups…. I took my girlfriend’s phone and arranged a meet up. I don’t tolerate nonsense ”

Social media users condemned his action and said that it was wrong of him to attack the guy as they pointed out that his girlfriend was most likely enjoying the attention from the guy.

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@kabelodick; After he wakes up from that knockout they will meet up and continue their things, u cannot bodyguard someone’s emotions and privates wena Mr no nonsense, Mr kuku police

@bhekezinhle; Sad thing is she will give him a shoulder to cry on and pussy to heal on. But ke asikho lapho.

@JesseFJacobs; Your girlfriend loves the attention that man was giving her else she would have blocked him.

@ToryquerT; She is the one who will nurse him until he recovers

@Drmuzoic; Why assault another cos of this? Hope you know you can be arrested? If she wasn’t enjoying the attention, she would have blocked him or not given out her num in the first place

@Abraham_Hamabra; And what about u girl phela the dude wasn’t talking alone if he was ngabe she blocked him maybe you the side nigga nje. She can’t tell you because she scared of you ..

@RudzaniGadisi; The reason she’s still with you it’s because she’s afraid of what you will do to her if she tells you that it’s over, accepting now will be better than being disappointed later, move on, you ain’t for her.

@adams_babawo; The one she’ll want to meet, she won’t give u the phone to arrange the meet up. Nonsense!

@TcanJebbi; Lol,my girl once called me while she was talking to a guy that was toasting her in her compound to make me feel she is turning d guy down,fast-forward 1week later,she spent a week in d house of d guy she didn’t want me to know about.🤣😅

@nokie555; Chances are, she wants to be texted by that dude otherwise she would have blocked him a long time time ago🤷🏾‍♀️. Find out what she’s enjoying from his attention and do it

@MathekgaBino; And do you honestly your girlfriend will stop? You have to prepare yourself to spend time in jail for assault while the same girlfriend is enjoying herself with new,endless lovers as it appears. Solution: move on and salvage your pride and dignity

@swizzT2; You really thought we were gonna salute you neh???😂who fights for a girl in 2022😭

@OngamaDlabantu; One thing is for sure, you beat up the right person…Now leave that girlfriend of yours before you find yourself behind bars…She let you catch the one who she did not find interesting…

@Thabo_Maubane; He can open a case of assault against you if he has not threatened the girl. As such he will have a strong case at the small claims court. If he wins the case you have to always disclose that you are a convicted criminal on forms which can jeopardise opportunities

@phetomokhobi; Why is your girlfriend keep texting him also. It takes two but to assault him is wrong. Your girlfriend should have blocked him if she was not interested. You on the other hand,to go to such extreme of arranging meet up through your girlfriend’s phone says something about you.

@dideestars; Why not speak to your girlfriend all I know is if she’s already arranging meet ups you and her are probs on your last leg

@ThatoCyberSpace; If your gf was innit for meet up, my brother I got bad news for you. The same thing will happen again.

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