Pretty lady shares her admirer’s furious response after asking if he’s married

Pretty lady shares her admirer’s furious response after asking if he’s married

A young South African lady identified on Twitter as @African_Odyzzee, has taken to the microblogging site to reveal how a man wooing her responded after she questioned him about his relationship status.

She said that she asked him if he was married, but rather than answer the question, he went into a fit of rage.

The young woman posted a screenshot of the WhatsApp chat where he lambasted her for listening to gossip.

He said that if she wants to be engaging in gossip then she should go ahead and delete his number.

The man’s response shocked her so much that she could only give one word responses

He further stated that he has no problem with strangers gossiping or spreading rumours about him, but he would not entertain it from someone he’s talking with.

Sharing the chat, @African_Odyzzee wrote; ”I asked if he was married… this was his response.”

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Netizens who were intrigues by the man’s response shared similar experiences and their observations.

@Banomoya2; Good…. Him being married is just propaganda pushed by the West to delegitimize him🤞. Charecter assassination, his haters are trying so hard to decampaign him.

@ThandekaPutin; He accidentally sent me a pic of him when he was asking me out for dinner, he forgot he was wearing a ring or maybe he thought I won’t mind. I pointed it out, he didn’t deny instead he said, ” Thandeka, you have a wrong perception of me” . He really didn’t know what to say.

@hungermadra; This level of skillful evasion you can only learn by answering 99 questions from ur wife

1.) Assassinates your character

2.) makes you feel special by putting you in the clique of “people he speaks to”

3.) justifies his aggressive response

4.) doesn’t answer the question

A king👑

@mhlatze; A narcissist, they are like this and will play victim until you apologise for nonsense.

@Yvette_Aloe; The tone and manner in which the response was written has red flags all over it. Run sis.

@chrismiles78; Which one is gossip?

Are you married? Simple enough question but he is beating about the bush.

You have your answer already.

This one of the most disrespectful things you can do to your partner – denying that you have a union with them. Some people don’t deserve good things.

@Blaq_Hawk1; Actually he preferred his peace and sanity over your mean girl narrative, this is a paid text to campaign for his downfall.. For him to forgive you, you must send him money to apologize.

@kryitykal; You asked him and he said it is rumours,why are you doubting him. Women don’t want to hear the truth.

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