Nigerian lady takes man on a date, spends over N40,000 (Watch video)

Fehin Silva, a Nigerian woman, claimed to have gone on a date with a man and paid the entire tab.

She participated in the challenge because September is "taking a man on a date" month, and the Twitter user @ChokolateGravy asked women to indulge themselves.

Fehin posted a video from her date in which she recorded every step of their date, from their arrival at the restaurant to the time they placed their orders to the moment she received the N43, 470 bill.

He grinned from ear to ear as she presented herself as a sugar mummy and warned him to get ready to be spoiled.

After seeing the elegant food they ordered, the young woman claimed she was perspiring as the male was dancing.

She was concerned that the bill may be excessive, but when it arrived, she discovered that it was expensive, albeit not as much as she had anticipated.

The meal was N38,511, with the addition of service charge and VAT it rose up to N43,470.

Fehin said tha she has done her part, and threw the challenge open for another lady to do same with a man.

Watch the video below:

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