Nigerian lady recounts being dumped by her man after doing the 15th abortion for him

Nigerian lady recounts being dumped by her man after doing the 15th abortion for him

A Nigerian lady has shared her heartbreak story of how she ended up being dumped by a man for whom she did numerous abortions.

Speaking in an interview with journalist, Chude Jideonwo, the woman revealed that she did 15 abortions for her ex..

According to her, they met in church here he was working towards becoming a pastor, and they started courting not long after. She also said that she had previously given birth to a son out of wedlock.

She said he had promised to marry her and fixed a wedding but reneged on all his promises

The woman said that when she got pregnant for the 15th time, her former partner asked her to abort and she initially refused but he insisted he couldn’t have a pregnant bride.

She further revealed that another pastor had to intervene and dissolve the relationship after which she slipped into depression.

In her words; “Fifteen abortions. My mum called me when she heard it years ago and said it’s not possible. She insisted I was just saying it so people will come. I told her it was true. If you read my book, you’d understand why I did it.

“It was just because I was naive and had the goal to get married, at which time every other thing didn’t matter. So even if I got pregnant three times for a guy and keeps saying he doesn’t want to use protection, I’d still do it.

“There’s a chapter in the book where I said I married to prove daddy wrong. I launched ‘operation get married’. That’s how the abortions happened. After 15 abortions, I still conceived and had my son.

“It’s only now that I ask myself how I did that. For each abortion, I had said it would be the last one. And because I had a child before, I didn’t think of the consequences. I didn’t want to have another child outside wedlock.

“They would just kill me. So there’s the thing that led me to it and there’s the shame. I was going to marry the guy. We met in church. We were together and fixed a wedding date. I had done 14. Remorse started setting in.

“I thought, what if I don’t have another child? I was in the choir and he was preparing to be a pastor. He said he’s never going to have a pregnant bride because of what people will say. He insisted I abort.

“I said, what if I don’t have another child? He said to leave that for him to worry about since I already have one. Anything to get me to take the baby out. The woman brought the foetus out and showed me. That killed me.

“The father didn’t come. I was depressed. Seven days after, the guy said he was done with the relationship. I didn’t hold him responsible but blamed the devil. I felt the devil was controlling him to rob me of my marital destiny.

“I lived in denial and went to his house daily for three months. I fasted for 40 days to get the man back. I tried to kill myself. I was a mess.”

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