Man beats up hoodlum who jumped into his car and tried to rob him

Man beats up hoodlum who jumped into his car and tried to rob him

A South African man identified as Mfundo Ngcobo, has shared his encounter with a thief who unsuccessfully attempted to steal from him.

He revealed that he beat up the man when he jumped into his car and made moves to snatch his phone.

Mfundo shared a photo and video of the suspected thief after he was beaten mercilessly.

The hoodlum was being interrogated by other persons in the video but he looked defeated and devastated with injuries on his body.

He wrote; ‘‘Just saw another video of a friend in a Sasol garage whose phone was snatched the perpetrators got into a car fled.”

”Happened to me today at While going to get Something at the BP garage in Parktown @UR_home_ and guess what happened to the person that snatched my phone ”

The young man added; ”Someone tried to snatch my phone and jump into a car and I beat him up so nicely ”

Mixed reactions greeted his post as some netizens stated that Mfundo did not do enough while others hailed him.

See the post:

A tweep @nkosimag commented; Took that picture with the same phone he tried to steal? 😌🀌🏽

@ghostladysa; I put it to you that you have confessed to committing a crime and you provided evidence. I further put it to you that should the perpetrator died in your hands you would have committed murder in this instance the perpetrator did not die , this is an attempted murder case.

iamabolshevik; Not condoning what he did, when I look at him, I can’t help seeing a young man who could have been gainfully employed if the economy was running well with lots of opportunities for young people. Being a parent sometimes sucks because it makes you look weak.

@dawrrance; Eish, you massaged him. This is not beating at all. I mean, he still has both eyes and hands functioning……

@AyndaMthimkhulu; He thought he’d successfully rob someone with his Butterfly tattoo?

chana24_ntasi; So you beat him up nicely, took a picture of himself and actually posted his picture with the SAME CELLPHONE he tried to snatch?! .
Nice one πŸ€›πŸ˜„

PurgatoryT; Cackling because from other videos they’re super quick so do you understand how much faster OP was to catch bro and do the Lord’s work πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

@TlotlanoKgosien; He should remove that tattoo on his cheekbones after this beating

@mickeydedrinker; Where did that happen. I think the government need to erect a statue of you next to the crime scene. You work is appreciated.

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