Lady breaks down in tears after rats ate N500k she kept to pay rent (Video)

Lady breaks down in tears after rats ate N500k she kept to pay rent (Video)

A Nigerian woman has cried out after discovering that rats ate the money she wanted to use to pay house rent.

She revealed that her family kept N500,000 in a safe place pending when they would give it to the landlord upon expiration of their rent.

Sadly, rats found their way to where the cash was kept and devoured the naira notes without mercy.

She broke down in tears in a video posted on social media as she showed the current state of the N500k.

The woman was holding a polythene bag which she emptied on her bed and lifted the notes piece by piece to show how some have been torn in half while others had been bitten by the edges.

The devastated woman wondered if they were sent by evildoer and decried how such an unfortunate thing happened at a time there is unprecedented hardship in the country.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported how a married woman shared a complicated story about being trapped in a web of deceit and disloyalty.

She cried out and fumed about her boyfriend cheating on her with another lady despite all she’s done for him.

According to the lady who pleaded anonymity, she and the lover have been in a relationship for two years because her husband stays overseas.

She said that she takes care of him and even helped the boyfriend to rent a house with her husband’s money.

On how she found out he was cheating, the woman said she saw a text on his phone from a lady who sent a message that she was missing him.

In her words; ”Hide my ID. I’m in a relationship with this guy for the past two years, I support him and I also Supported in renting a house for him. I had plans that we were going to work out something in future..

Last week when he was about living my house, his phone beeped and I saw a pop up SMS. “Baby, I and junior misses you” I was really mad. This is a man that I use my husband’s money to care for. My husband is abroad. Like can’t there be a faithful man on this earth?”

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