Female pilot flies boyfriend on private plane to romantic place for his birthday

Female pilot flies boyfriend on private plane to romantic place for his birthday

A Kenyan pilot is being commended for her romantic gesture towards her boyfriend because it proves that women can also do wonderful things for their men.

Her boyfriend turned a new age recently, and she decided to take him on a special trip to celebrate.

The lady known as Whitney Louis flew her man on a private plane to a choice relaxation spot for his birthday.

She made this known via her TikTok account as she shared a video of the moment they both flew to to Kilaguni, Kenya.

The young woman and her boo could be seen at the airstrip walking to the helicopter as he looked around in amazement.

The couple eventually reached a game reserve in Kilaguni and spent some quality time together, after which they ended up at a restaurant to fill their bellies.

”Flying my boyfriend to Kilaguna for his birthday,” she captioned.

Watch the video below:

@captain.louis Definitely one of the best memories we share together 🥰 #blacklove #travel #cessna #tsavo #tiktokkenya ♬ All Over – Magixx

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man was moved to emotions when his Kenyan girlfriend surprised him with a proposal.

The lady proposed to him with a brand new car and a video capturing the lovely moment has gone viral on social media.

She made adequate preparations to water the ground and give him no reason to decline her request.

The lady could be seen going down on her knee just beside the ride while holding a ring in her hand.

She showed the love of her life the keys to the car, and begged him to accept her marriage proposal.

He was so overwhelmed with emotions and tried to hold back tears but it just came flowing down his cheeks.

The young man eventually stretched out his hand for his Kenyan babe to put the engagement ring on his finger.

When the proposal was done, the couple hopped into the new whip, locked lips and took it for a spin around the city.

The man was still a bit taken aback by the events of the day as seen when they entered the car, but the woman looked happy.

The interesting engagement sparked which was shared on TikTok sparked reactions.

@rosalynemutunga wrote; Wait what… just wait a day to be called desperate.hapo ndio utaamka coz it seems like you dreaming.

@felestus said: Not be me ooooooh not unless tufiakwa.

@shayanjebet4 remarked: When JuJu overworked .

@user5562366744844sheeee said: It should be the other way round but ok.

@lizmwesh27 asked: Now you are doing this why???

@ivykaleha3: Then after wards the man starts cheating and carrying the ladies in the same care,it can be very heart breaking much love.

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