Doctor in shock as father boldly claims responsibility for his own daughter’s pregnancy

Doctor in shock as father boldly claims responsibility for his own daughter’s pregnancy

A Nigerian doctor identified as Timothy Akinbami, has narrated how a man claimed to be the father of his daughter’s unborn child.

The medican practitioner shared the story on Twitter as he revealed that the incident happened at his private clinic.

According to Timothy, the father and child visited his clinic for pregnancy test and they found out she was positive.

He congratulated her and sought to know who the baby’s father is, but shock ran through his spine when the man claimed responsibility for the pregnancy.

Dr Akinbami wrote; ”A patient came to my private clinic today with her dad. The Pregnancy test was positive.

“Congratulations Ma’am I said to her.”

“Kindly extend my congratulations to the father of the child, I said, turning to her father.”

“I am the father, he said.”

I started sweating

Things are happening in Nigeria.”

Nigerians on social media opined that the doctor most likely misunderstood what the man meant.

OnoBello tweeted; It’s so obvious he means he has taken the role of the father of the child, perhaps because the man responsible didn’t step up. Surely he wouldn’t admit to incest blatantly.

@Nefisah001; Is incest not a crime in this country sef

@Okaylawrence1; He meant… He is the father of the positive tested pregnant patient 🏃🏾‍♂️

africanflamingo_; Una don start this incomplete story. Maybe he wants to take full responsibility of the child or maybe he doesn’t like the baby father 🤷🏻‍♀️

__folaaaaa; If the baby daddy don run away nko? Una don start

nenejones_esq; This gist isn’t complete. He prolly meant he’s the father of the pregnant girl. He thought you asked him to congratulate the father of the pregnant woman.

_sueldelioness; That girl probably got pregnant and don’t know who got her pregnant hence her father saying that… It doesn’t seem to be what you are thinking or should I say insinuating???

mcmakopolo1; E fit be say Na u no hear well😢 maybe he meant he is her father not the child’s …. No privacy even for private hospitals 😂

rhodasgrill; To start with, His username gave him away. ( doctor isonu) Secondly, What happened to the privacy of your clients???

chiboyfel; You are the one that didn’t understand the man , I am the father didn’t possibly means he was sleeping with his daughter, maybe was is only claiming ownership to for the to figure out the real father or to decide what to do

the__tamara; Nothing is happening. If the real papa run nko? If e don evade responsibility, who do you think will take responsibility? Her father, since he is a good man. You’re there reasoning incest.

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