Bride-to-be demands N5k contribution from friends for success of her wedding

Bride-to-be demands N5k contribution from friends for success of her wedding

A Nigerian lady preparing to tie the knot has reportedly asked over 100 of her friends to contribute N5 each.

This was made known by a guy known as Yusuf Bolaji Ridwan, who said that he is amongst the group of friends she made the request from.

According to him, they knew each other from their National Youth Service (NYSC) days and they are all in a WhatsApp group.

He said that the wedding will hold next month in Ebonyi and the bride-to-be asked for the contribution towards its success.

Ridwan known on Twitter as @Harmony_Vets shared a screenshot of the chat where the demand was made.

He wrote; ”A friend of mine during NYSC is getting married next month and she added about 100+ of us to a group and we are asked to contribute 5k each towards the success of the wedding. 5k not even for cloth o. Pekelepekele.

The wedding is happening in far away Ebonyi and i can’t attend. So the intention I’ve earlier was to just send her 5k after the wedding.”

See the post:

Mixed reactions greeted the post with some expressing shock and others saying he can decide not to contribute.

@_B_energy; It’s a good one but she shouldn’t be the one to dictate what and how much should be contributed, neither should it be enforced.

@Jelilat_oj; Omooo so bad! Funny things is people that contributed will still come out and say “sheybi awa la dawo to fi shey wedding”

Apholerbee; Were you threatened to pay or what will happen if you didn’t pay and not come to the internet to post it?

@OjebolaAdedoyin; You’ll be shocked that even the bride might not be aware, this message looks like it was sent by another friend of theirs and she didn’t even say it was mandatory.. Committee of friends for something like this has always existed and no one shouts about it… Lmao🙂

@KarambaMuhammad; This is why I have since refused to join any wedding whatsapp group. Not even for my close friend. I don’t want peer pressure. I know what your status is with me and I know what I can afford.

@vib91oyibo; If this was big brother naija y’all would support it ,but you bring ur friend’s problem to the internet just to get likes and engagement,ate you not ashamed of yourself. Why una de always mock people wey tell una their problems ? Is that not witchcraft?

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