Young man expresses regret after using 5-year savings to travel to Europe through Libya

Young man expresses regret after using 5-year savings to travel to Europe through Libya

Francis Yankey, a Ghanaian, has described how he saved for five years to travel to another country via Libya.

The young man, who is currently residing in Italy, claims that in order to pay for his journey to Libya and entry into Europe, he saved a total of GHc12,000 (N515K).

Francis said he once thought that moving to another country would help him live a better life, but he now regrets that choice after sharing his tale with SVTC Africa.

The immigrant claimed that he had jobs as a driver and a security guard while he was still in Ghana.

Francis said that surviving the travel from Ghana to Libya and Italy was extremely difficult and that he had numerous moments of fear.

He disclosed that the perilous journey was taken by 69 Ghanaians, two Nigerians, and one Ivorian.

Yankey claimed that while at sea, the authorities nearly detained them and sent them to Libya; fortunately, they found themselves in no man's land and were unable to be apprehended.

He said; “I saved GH¢12000 in five years. It was mainly because of the Libya trip. It has always been a dream to travel abroad. I worked two jobs to get that money.

“They camped seventy-two of us in a ghetto on Thursday and waited until Saturday evening before setting off onto the sea. There were sixty-nine Ghanaians, two Nigerians and one Ivorian.

“In my mind, I had left everything to God, but I got scared when I saw the large body of water. While on the sea, Libyan authorities found out and tried to take us back to Libya, but luckily, we found ourselves in a no man’s land.

“So they couldn’t arrest us. A German rescue team told us to wait for an Italian ship to transport us. We waited for five hours until they came and stayed on their ship for a week before arriving in Sicily”.

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