When we met, he didn’t have a phone – Lady stays loyal to man till he becomes Benz owner

When we met, he didn’t have a phone – Lady stays loyal to man till he becomes Benz owner

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to reveal that she remained with her boyfriend despite his financial situation.

According to the young woman known on TikTok as @barbie_lucienne, when she met her man he did not even have a phone of his own.

She stayed with him despite the fact that he did not have enough money to support both of them, and her persistence paid off when he amassed enough money to purchase a luxury vehicle.

She revealed this in a brief video clip that was uploaded to the video-sharing website, highlighting the changes in their joint financial situation.

The video showed a transition from when they just started dating to present day where he now owns a Benz.

The man and woman could be seen cruising around town in the a Mercedes Benz as they held hands like sweet lovers.

Watch the video below:

@barbie_lucienne #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen #Barbie_lucienne #trending@blessed9901 @blesse044 ♬ original sound – Mr unknown 😪

Netizens found their love story and growth heartwarming.

gotzemarioalah; Wow that is good keep him like that dear

First_Lady; Not all men would still be with the same woman that stayed with him😂. Pray ya’ll meet your right person

Gudboi Lëgēnd; Girls like u are hard to find 🥺

Leilathechef; A patient lady will get everything..🥰

Duk; But make we try Dey confirm say na the same dude 🌝

Qwesi Pagez; This is so wonderful.May God bless this union 🙏

Trap lord; May God bless you guys

Kulux_; This Wah we call challenge 😅❤

lovefrimpong268; so has he bought the phone?

Meanwhile another Nigerian lady identified as Chinemerem, revealed that she is indecisive on the matter of marrying her boyfriend, considering what he does for a living.

In a post on her Twitter page on Thursday, the young woman revealed that her man pays her tuition with money from his akara business.

But she is confused on whether it makes sense for her to agree to marry him after she graduates from the university.

The pretty lady who described her lover as ‘akara’ man asked for advice from users on the microblogging platform.

She tweeted; ”My boyfriend pays my school fees through his ‘akara’ business, but now I am confused. How can a graduate marry an ‘akara’ man?”

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