Top 5 strongest warrior tribe in Africa

 Top 5 strongest warrior tribe in Africa

Top 5 strongest warrior tribe in Africa

Since many African tribes are known for their tenacity and agility in the face of warfare, the warrior and army tribes of Africa were a powerful force.

One of its most prominent characteristics were the endless battles and wars that ancient African monarchs fought in an effort to increase and defend their current territories.
These warrior tribes were the strongest because of their war equipment or highly developed battle strategies. 

Below is a list of the top 5 warrior tribes in Africa, sorted from strongest to weakest:

1) Berber tribes

The Berbers were infamous for their invasion of Spain and for resisting the colonization efforts of the Persian and Roman empires. They expanded throughout the Mediterranean and seized lands because they were so powerful.

Berber tribes

This tribe is distributed across northern African nations Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco.

2. Zulu tribes

The Zulu tribe is well known for being the largest in South Africa, being strong in battle, and using well-considered military strategies.

Zulu tribes

They were able to defeat the British army despite having only basic weaponry because of their clever strategy.

3. Abyssinians

This tribe held sway over both Eritrea and Ethiopia. During the Axum era, they rose to reputation by capturing and settling South Arabia. Experts claim that this tribe possesses one of the most superior and successful guerrilla warfare tactics in human history.


4) Nubians

The tribe of the Nubians is considered to be the second-strongest warrior group. They are said to have one of the oldest kingdoms on the African continent.
Nubians tribe

Their greatest accomplishments include resisting and then repelling invasions from Europe, the Middle East, and the Arab caliphate.

5. Somalis

The Somalis are without a doubt the most powerful warrior tribe in Africa. This tribe used cutting-edge weapons to conquer and colonize Abyssinia for 14 years while also developing a variety of fighting strategies.
Somalis tribe

They also pioneered marine warfare as the first warrior tribe.

In Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Djibouti, this tribe is dispersed.

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