Squirting or Creaming : Things to know about vaginal discharge

 Squirting or Creaming : Things to know about vaginal discharge 

Squirting or Creaming : Things to know about vaginal discharge

When is the discharge abnormal, and is she squirting, creaming, or just wet in general?
The vagina is constantly wet. Because it is a mucous membrane, it secretes a variety of liquids.

The vagina feels wet for a variety of reasons. Arousal, hormonal changes, stress, ovulation, and reproductive status are a few of these causes.

Every day, your vagina should release two to five millimeters of clear, white, odorless fluids. Cervical fluid is the term for the typical discharge that females experience.

What to know about normal and abnormal discharge

What is squirting

The act of squirting during an orgasm is the discharge of fluid from the vagina. Not everyone who has vagina squirts, and those who do, may only do so during orgasms. This type of orgasm is characterized by the rapid ejection of pee from the bladder.

The skene's gland occasionally produces fluids that can be squirted. The skene's glands are also referred to as the female prostate since they have similar activities to the male prostate.

Even though hardly many women actively shoot water during sex, those that do are frequently referred to as squirters. Because of the popularity of pornographic videos, it is viewed as the finest platform for sex, but is it pee?

Urea (pee), uric acid, and creatinine are all released by the Skene's gland, which is situated close to the lower end of the urethra. It typically happens following a woman's G-spot being stroked during sex.

Women rarely experience orgasm from vaginal penetration, but they can with the right clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

Although it is not the only component, urine plays a vital role in squirting.

What is creaming?

"Creeping" is a colloquialism. The fluid that is expelled during sex is it. It differs by being significantly thicker and whitish in hue. It has no negative effects. Women's bodies react to sexual stimulation in different ways.

When a woman gets aroused, her glands produce extra fluids in an effort to decrease the pain of sexual activity and prevent damage.

During a sexual interaction, fluid accumulates on the vaginal walls, blood vessels widen, and blood flows into the vagina.

What discharge is abnormal?

Sexual Transmitted Diseases

An irregular discharge can be recognized by its color, texture, and smell. An unpleasant-smelling green or yellow discharge could be a sign of gonorrhea or chlamydia. The yeast infection is a thick, odorless white growth. Bacterial vaginosis signs and symptoms are thick, yellow, and white.

Bleeding after sex

Bleeding during sex can be brought on by STIs, endometriosis, trauma, intense contact, aggressive sex, and other medical conditions.

Finally, it's critical to recognize the differences between discharges following enjoyable sex and other types of discharges.

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