Popular Skit makers, Twinz Love reveal dad who abandoned them as babies wants to reunite

The comedians, who are famous for pulling practical jokes on their mother, announced the purchase of their new home months ago. They expressed gratitude and acknowledged the dedication they had put into realizing their dream.

They shared before vs after photos of themselves, when things were rough in the past and their current enjoyable life as successful skit-makers.

It may be gathered that Twinz Love acquired a house few months ago and had showed it off via their Instagram page.

However, now their dad who had wanted their mum to get rid of them is now inkling to reunite with his family.

During an interview with BBC News Pidgin, the mother narrated how her husband wanted her to drop them by the roadside when they were just babies.

According to the woman, he told her to drop the babies on the road after they were rejected at an orphanage home. The woman did as directed but changed her mind and ran back to carry them. Sadly he disappeared from home that day.

In the video-reel the twins posted to remember how far they’ve come, they showed images of their early years with their mum who single-handedly raised them.

The post was captioned; ‘‘He left us because he does not want twins. Now he wants us back.”

Watch the video below:

@twinzloves We thank God cos we don’t look like what we’ve been through #fyp #themotherthatmotheredmymother #twinzlove ♬ Mother my Mother – Trap Remix – Kvng Vinci

Social media users gave were divided in sharing opinions and suggestions, while some advised them to reconcile, others said he is only coming back now because they are successful.

@anaiyke; In their interest they should reconcile with their father. Forgive him if he shows repentance and move on. He is still their father and he has authority over them . Whatever he proclaims on their heads,the universe will honour it.

@Toluwalase003; Lol there are two sides to every story shaa … until u hear the father side of the story,no one should judge..

@Too_mishe; I watched her BBC interview and I teared up lol. Her husband was so callous. Demanded that she dropped the twins in the bush when they were 4 months
She couldn’t bear it, went back for them and started to struggle to make ends meet. Happy things worked out for them.

@TAIWOadeleke16; If possible please try and hear your Dad side of story never to believe in whatever story your mom might feed you with the more you guys keep that in mind the more you hate him, because you’re not there you only Bank on what she told you.

@Thefavordddd; It’s the way some men are here defending the man for me💔Wahalaux!!So if the woman poisoned the mind of the kids..what’s stopping the man from doing the same😂una Ehnn..Japa from your responsibilities towards your kids nd see how lonely your life would be at the end..

@Agbejoro1; I don’t see a defence. All I read are people giving the benefit of doubt because they believe the story can only be balanced if the other party is heard. I’m certain you won’t want to be convicted for a crime without an opportunity to be heard. Amber was hailed until Depp spoke.

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