Five types of women that men don't want to marry

 Five types of women that men don't want to marry :

No matter how attractive these ladies may be, almost all men perceive them to be unattractive.
Many guys find these kinds of women to be quite unattractive:

1. Boss lady :

These women are absolutely powerless to resist. They want to be involved in all of your decisions and direct your activities, which would have been excellent if they had stopped there. But most often, they go beyond participation and make it clear that they want to be in charge.

Few guys can tolerate these ladies for a long time.

2. The toggle :

Some women use this method in the same way that some men try to change women.

While claiming to love her boyfriend without conditions, this type of woman has a problem since she steadily undermines pretty much everything about him. His taste in music comes second, then his sense of dress.

Once they understand she's trying to undermine everything they hold dear, guys will quickly start to kick against her, and most of the time they will dump her out of the relationship on her bum.

3. Jessie Jealous :

Jessie is the one that is constantly on guard since she has such a high level of suspicion in people. Always watching, always enquiring, always wary

She has been burnt many times, so anything that seems or feels strange makes her cautious. The problem, though, is that men dislike being blamed for the transgressions of other men. Furthermore, the bond weakens the more frequently doubts are raised and the more uneasy it is.

Because they cannot live their lives while being held accountable for the wrongdoings of others, men will be compelled to leave her.

4. Women without ambition :

A woman who never has her own affairs on her mind overwhelms and suffocates men. If she attempts to spend every moment of her day with him and is always idle, it won't take long for the man to lose patience with her.

Everyone adores, craves, and longs for a space where they may be truly themselves. When two individuals are in love, their connection should be powerful but not smothering.

5. Mummy's pet :

A man simply doesn't want a woman who constantly seeks advice from her mother, divulges every aspect of their relationship, and never makes decisions for herself because she has the capacity for independent thought.

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