Drama as pregnant side chic crashes her lover’s wedding (Watch video)

Drama as pregnant side chic crashes her lover’s wedding (Watch video)

A white wedding took a dramatic turn when the groom's mistress arrived and interfered with the ceremony.

The side chic started making a ruckus by calling Anthony out as he and his bride were saying their vows.

She questioned why he was ignoring her and acting as if he did not know her even though she was the mother of his child.

However, the bride and groom carried on with the ceremony while acting as though they were unaware of what the woman was saying.

However, as she continued to speak, the bride's daughter, who was one of her bridesmaids, was unable to maintain silence and lost her temper.

She charged at the side chic with the intention of attacking, telling her to leave her mother's wedding.

However, the bride-to-be and a few other women were observed holding her back to stop her from hitting the mistress who was expecting.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, IG user aliceile923 wrote; Anthony them Dey call you

zillion_chief_priest; Anthony Anthony Anthony how many times did i call you?

prettybrwngurl47; They might as well be sister wives because she knew about the side chick im convinced because if someone crashed my wedding oh we fightn

queenabelle.fmula; Where’s de full video. I want to see something

citiseekerstravel; One of the bridesmaids is the daughter of the bride Abi do I need to rewind the video again

dijitalpattern; They all know about Anthony that’s why everybody quiet

official_cute_hussey; Kasala Don burst 😂

sambamamba22; She’s petty for that one tbh

kojohbrooklyn; Mom and dad been together but dad had a kid with a another lady in her late 30s or 40s. Now she is my daughter’s age mate and tryna disturb the wedding. It’s no news, but she is expressing the level of jealousy the black woman can exhibit. Most black women in America are single mothers, they don’t know how to pamper a man. Watch Opera Winfrey’s other program about relationships and you gonna know why they call the black women “angry people”.

schollyglams; The wedding will continue and baby mama is your title ….. For heaven sake why must it be on her wedding day? you kept mute all along just to cause a scene on that day … too petty.

Similarly, there was chaos at another wedding because the groom exposed his wife-to-be who cheated on him before their wedding.

The bride and groom were exchanging vows when the officiating minister asked that anybody who knows why they should not be wedded should speak up.

Surprisingly, it is the husband-to-be that interrupted and left everyone in shock with how he exposed the woman.

He thanked the guests for showing up, appreciated his groomsmen for their support and declared that he loves his wife-to-be but insisted on showing her something before he says ‘I do’.

The man proceeded to play a video which captured the moment she welcomed her secret lover into the house and started kissing him. Everyone were left in shock and the bride who felt ashamed covered her face with the bouquet she was holding.

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