Don’t build house with your money, it’s not wise – Man advises

A young man encouraged people from the working class to manage their income wisely and avoid investing it in large projects.

Nguea Dipita, a young man, encouraged others not to use their income for home construction on his TikTok account.

He argued that it is a liability and supported his claim with the tale of a construction that was started nearby.

Nguea claims that the building was started in his neighborhood when he was a primary school student, but the owner was unable to finish it for unidentified reasons and has since abandoned the construction.

He said that the biggest mistake anybody who is financially stable can make is to immobilise their money all in the name of building houses.

Nguea went on to state that the wise move would be to invest their active income and channel the interest from the income into another investment.

He then explained that after accumulating interests from different investments, they can begin the construction of the house from a third investment move.

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In other news, a Nigerian man who lives and works in Dubai recently returned to see the beautiful house his family built with the money he’s been sending home.

He celebrated after realising that his hard earned money was actually used for the purpose for which it was meant.
The moment he landed at the airport upon his return to Nigeria was captured on tape and the young man was beaming with energy.

When he was taken to the mansion, he jumped in jubilation knowing that his family members helped him build it while he was in Dubai working.

The happy man knelt down outside the house, raised his hands up to the Heavens and gave thanks to Jesus Christ.

After the gate was opened by a woman, he quickly ran inside, went on his knees again before proceeding to enter the main house.

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