Dating in lagos : 7 types of people you will meet when searching for love

 Dating in lagos : 7 types of people you will meet when searching for love 

Are you looking for a life partner in Lagos? If that's the case, you might run into these seven individuals in the process.

One recurring joke in Lagos is that Christians can never find a life partner because of the city's busy dating scene.

A broad group of young people who either relocated there or were born there call Lagos, Nigeria's most populous city, home.

Everybody complains about the dating scene, no matter where they live, and Lagos residents are no exception.

1. The man who is married and claims "it's complicated"

There is no justification for you if he drives a Toyota Sienna. You should be aware of his marriage.

The likelihood is that you may run into a married man who has an interesting backstory to support his ongoing search for love.
If you're unlucky, after a few dates, you might find it out. To prevent this, look him up on social media right away, particularly Facebook.

If you find out that he is married, block him straight away since he is persistent and will keep on professing his love if you don't stop him.

Even while he may periodically pretend that he and his wife are at odds or that they are seeking a divorce, don't be surprised if he still posts pictures of his wife online with loving remarks and messages.

2. The social media influencer

Although this woman has a big social media following, her online persona does not really reflect who she is in real life. She probably still lives with her parents and spends a lot more money than she earns.
If you want to date a social media influencer, sliding into her direct chats might not be the best course of action.

If you decide to do this, make sure your profile is engaging and has a strong opening line.

Be prepared to disclose every aspect of your relationship in case something goes wrong.

When you go on dates with her, you should always be her backup videographer and photographer, and you should be ready to record a ton of couple-related photos and movies.

3. The up-and-coming artist

In Lagos, there are many people who have lofty aspirations. Typically, the upcoming artist is a tall, attractive man with several tattoos. He writes some passably enjoyable music.

He usually invites you to his different shows and encourages you to get tickets and listen to his music online.

The emerging artist is usually a fantastic lover and draws a lot of female attention.

Use caution if he says he'll stay at your house for a while because he can end up staying there for a few weeks.

Don't expect him to be a faithful partner as well.

4. The wealthy woman with a dull marriage

 A lot of wealthy ladies don't mind having affairs with younger guys.

When their wives are unsupportive, they quickly complain because they enjoy the attention of young men.

Prepare yourself if she invites you over when her husband is at home, gives you access to her phone so you may call her kids, or even brings them over.

5. The slay queen

Another person you can run into while looking for love in Lagos is the slay queen. She always has the newest iPhone and AirPods, dresses expensively, and has a perfect complexion.
This woman is incredibly stunning. She most likely drives a Range Rover or Benz and dwells in a serviced apartment in Lekki or Ikoyi.

She might not be your type if you consistently board Danfo buses. Get your money in order if you want to be with a slay queen.
Technology Brother
He extends several girl invitations!

6. The Technological Bro

Typically, the Tech Bro runs or works for a startup. He is smart and endearingly dorky, yet dressing extremely nerdily. He usually makes Yaba or Surulere his home.

He feels confident when he asks women out despite his bad lines because he earns a lot of money. He rarely pursues romantic relationships, only sexual encounters. Being dependable in a relationship is difficult for him.
The untamed child

7. Those who love to party

South Socials to Ilashe Beach on Friday On Saturdays, this hottie is always outside. On some evenings, she alternates between South, Quilox, and Silver Fox. She updates everyone on her antics on Snapchat every night.

Although she isn't ready for a relationship, if you insist on taking her out on a date, be prepared for anything.

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