Comedian, DeOne defends Nigerian government as he shares video of flooded road in Dubai

DeOne, a comedian, defends the Nigerian administration while posting a video of a flooded road in Dubai.
According to Nigerian comedian DeeOne, the problem of the floods in Lagos is not unique to the country of West Africa.

Contrary to popular assumption, he claimed, flood problems also occur in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, anytime it rains.

DeeOne, a resident of Dubai, showed automobiles traveling on flooded roads as it rained in a video he posted on social media.

The former Big Brother Naija 2018 contestant, said that Nigerians should not feel bad whenever they have to deal with flood in Lekki or other parts of Lagos.

DeeOne further said the federal government of Nigeria is doing well in comparison with their counterparts.

He explained in the video that he was staying in a high class area in case people wanted to say the flood happened in a rural area.

The comedian further said that his intention was to give Nigerians hope that the flood situation is a global problem.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a Nigerian man who lives and works in Dubai recently returned to see the beautiful house his family built with the money he’s been sending home.

He celebrated after realising that his hard earned money was actually used for the purpose for which it was meant.

The moment he landed at the airport upon his return to Nigeria was captured on tape and the young man was beaming with energy.

When he was taken to the mansion, he jumped in jubilation knowing that his family members helped him build it while he was in Dubai working.

The happy man knelt down outside the house, raised his hands up to the Heavens and gave thanks to Jesus Christ.

After the gate was opened by a woman, he quickly ran inside, went on his knees again before proceeding to enter the main house.

He could be seen hugging a young lady in the living room, though it is yet to be confirmed if she is his sister or partner.

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