BNXN PKA Buju Leaked s€x tape got shared by her ex swedish girlfriend [watch video]


A group of Nigerian performers allegedly included talented singer-songwriter Daniel Benson, commonly known as BNXN, in a scandal involving leaked tapes.

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A Swedish woman named Filma, who is purportedly the singer's girlfriend, was reportedly seen in a bedroom with him in a video that is quickly going viral online.

Unverified rumors claim that she became pregnant for him and sought to come clean about their relationship, but he tried to quiet her.


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Unconfirmed sources also stated that the woman exposed a video on social media that showed BNXN lying on the bed without any clothing on.

She removed the video, but Junio Vawulence, a Twitter user, re-posted a section of it that appeared to show just the performer.

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Later, the singer's rumored girlfriend shared another photo that appeared to show BNXN after he had taken off his clothing and she had revealed her face.

Click HERE to watch video


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