Abuja fun-seekers shocked after realising ‘pretty lady’ at night club is actually a man

Fun-seekers in Abuja are astonished to learn that the "beautiful lady" at the nightclub is actually a male.
A man who dressed as a woman and entered a club was humiliated when other clubgoers realized he was not a woman.

According to reports, he frequently enters nightclubs in Abuja dressed as a lady in order to have fun with males who are unaware that they are with another man.

But on Monday, after attending a club in Gwarinpa, he was uncovered, and people were startled to realize that it was a man dressed in women's clothing and wearing women's cosmetics.

An eyewitness said; “He or she always come to the nightclub and ends up going home with men for romp.

We were utterly shocked when we discovered that she’s a man. We paraded him a bit and told him never to return to the area before letting him go. May God continue to protect us…”

See a short clip below:

In other news, a man who rides tricycle (keke napep) for living has gotten himself into a hot mess after he reportedly squandered N3.7 million.

It was gathered that he was helping someone keep the money, but he decided to use it to make a loud statement at a nightclub.

A video which circulated online showed him spraying bundles of money for fun-seekers at the club. He continued the money-spraying while leaving the venue and by the end of the night, he had reportedly sprayed it all.

However, when the person who loaned him the money learnt of his reckless adventure, he confronted him and demanded repayment.

The keke driver was unable to pay back the cash he spent lavishly, o the owner of invited police to arrest him.

A footage shows him sitting on the floor and being interrogated after he was arrested by men of the Nigeria Police.

The young man’s action generated massive reactions from netizens.

Reacting, abbeyz_delight said; Ahhh…. To Impress who abeg??

wilson_uz; Village people don swear for this guy o…. You wan impress who

zanghi_; Doings na your mate

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