5 Signs that shows you are still in love with your ex

 5 Signs that shows you are still in love with your ex

Are you struggling to move on from your ex?

After a relationship ends, you can delete someone's number, block them, delete their pictures, and unfollow them on all social media platforms, but your feelings endure because they are difficult to remove.

How do you know if you're not over yet with your ex

1. You talk endlessly about them

With anyone who is interested, you talk about the relationship, how it ended, and who was at fault.

Even on dates with brand-new partners, you constantly bring up your ex, to the annoyance of your friends who are already tired of hearing about what happened between you two.
You continue to follow them on social media.

 2. You still stalk them on social media

 even though you blocked them. You are curious about their relationships and activities.

3. They appear in your dreams

If they continue to show up in your dreams, it is obvious that you have not dealt with your feelings around what transpired between you two.

4. You continue to feel hurt, irate, or guilty.

Regardless of how it turned out, if you are still upset, wounded, or guilty about what happened, you are most definitely not over it.

You should have no emotion toward them. You shouldn't feel anything anymore while they are there.

5. You miss them and want to see them again

You know you still have feelings for someone if you think of crazy excuses to talk to them, call them, schedule another meeting so you can "explain" yourself, or simply hang out with them.

How can you get over your ex ?

Know that the relationship's end, You must convince yourself that the relationship is over and there is no chance of a reconciliation.

Identify yourself

Since most of the time we can't get over people if we have left so many words unsaid, express all of your feelings about the relationship and leave politely. Yes! Type that long paragraph and send it. It doesn't matter if you're ignored.

Don't let them validate your feelings.

Stop waiting for an apology; they might never truly regret what they did. It's acceptable if they never admit responsibility for the breakdown of the relationship. It's enough that you are aware of what they did and how it affected you.


Find a new person who is completely different from them. Rebounding is not a terrible thing; the awful thing is waiting for them to understand what they did and come to their senses.

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