4 ways to be unforgettable to all your girlfriends

 4 ways to be unforgettable to all your girlfriends

People are merely changing between talking stages right now, so you already know how rough the streets are. It has been quite simple to put persons and situations out of our minds in favor of the next exciting feeling. In reality, people often forget about the persons they recently dated or had sex with.

Here's where we come in. No matter how many ex-girlfriends there are, we want to quickly provide you all the tips that will make you stand out to them. Every step is easy. You owe us nothing else than your attention, too. Let's continue!

1. Convince them to have a child for you.

Better still if they can have more than one. The easiest strategy in the book, this one will surely help you, just as it did for Nick Cannon. No matter how many people they fell in love with after you, how far and wide their love lives have extended, there will always be a living, breathing reminder that you were once in their life. That's it; you're done with this!

2. Enjoyable sex and/or plenty of money

You can choose one of these choices or both of them. If you must choose just one, choose reputable premium knacks. Anybody who has enough money can assist anyone. Ladies are also wealthy; they just want to pretend to be wealthy. So use mental techniques so that even if you two break up, they will continue to have bizarre flashbacks for years.

However, because this one usually works like juju, it's possible that the "D" spell will lose its effect. But it continues to be remarkably trustworthy. It will receive a score of 70%.

3. Get their body permanently tattooed with your name.

If you can persuade someone to get your name inked on their body, you'll be halfway to retaining your notoriety for decades. Hopefully after the breakup they won't take your name off the tattoo.

In any event, because the tattoo is permanent, they will always remember having your name on them. This one has a 65 percent effectiveness rating.

4. Steal their personal care products.

This one is acting terribly, I grant you, but fear not—we'll explain. You'll get paid back for all the sweaters and shirts they stole from you, first and foremost. So that seems to be all right.

The girl finds skincare products uncomfortable and pricey, especially if she has recently restocked. You can bet that she'll tell this story to her future grandchildren to prevent them from dating boys. 90% of skin care theft attempts use this technique.

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