3 Important things women should not use on their vagina

3 Important things women should not use on their vagina 

3 Important things women should not use on their vagina

A rose- and flower-scented vagina is a fixation for certain women. Usually, women should leave their vagina alone.

The vagina is the most intimate and delicate part of a woman's anatomy. It needs to be handled carefully.
Unless there is an extremely foul odor that could indicate certain illnesses or infections, the vagina self-cleanses.

The following should be avoided.


In order to improve the fragrance, this requires cleansing the vagina with water, vinegar, iodine, or baking soda.

Some females also do this to wash away the semen left behind from unprotected sex.

Douching harms the vagina in a number of ways, including the possibility of future pregnancy issues, disruption of the vagina's normal PH level, and the emergence of conditions like yeast infections and vaginosis.

wet wipes

wet wipes, baby wipes, and feminine wipes. All types of wipes must be avoided.The pH balance of the vagina is altered by anything scented or aromatic.

The woman is prone to yeast infections and vaginosis.

Even though some wipes advertise that they are fragrance-free and made entirely of natural components.

vaginal wash, gel, or spray

Do not buy or use vaginal wash, no matter how it is marketed. Additionally, infections or irritation could arise.

Keep your vagina clean by carrying out the following:

~ Wash it with warm water and unscented soap. at least twice every day.
~ Wear only clean, cotton underwear.
~ Your underwear should air dry in the sun.
~ Use private restrooms only.

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