15 ways to get yourself in Sex mood with low libido

 15 ways to get yourself in Sex mood with low libido15 ways to get yourself in Sex mood with low libido

Our sex drive is so tremendously reactive to everything that is happening to us in our surrounds and our bodies, according to PhD, a clinical psychologist and co-author of. Think of employment annoyances, health issues, drug side effects that prevent sex, and various other outside distractions. But just because you're not in the mood to be particularly sassy right now doesn't mean you should give up attempting to get there. In actuality, the goal is to exert control over the situation.
Despite the fact that sex desire varies, there are strategies to boost libido when you're feeling a little low. Brandon agrees that the mind is a powerful instrument. You can be both turned on and off to sex with the help of it. If you're ready to heat things up, do it now. These sex gurus have all the advice you'll need to turn yourself on and bring sexiness back, so get ready to put your head in the game.

1. Connect with your body.

The first step to turning yourself up before getting hot and heavy is to feel powerful in your body. Brandon claims that it's difficult to have pleasure if you don't feel secure and at peace in your body. She suggests exercising, practicing deep breathing, or going outside to feel more connected to your body. She claims that this isn't about coming out as forceful or acting a certain way. Your internal state of being is relevant. Having fun makes you feel attractive.

2. Set the scene.

Brandon suggests creating a warm, sensual atmosphere in your house that is not only peaceful but also body-aware. Dim the lights, get out the cozy pillows and blankets, and play the music that sounds like it fits in a love story to create the right atmosphere. Instead of a sex lair, think of the seductive oasis of your passionate daydreams. 

3. Take a bath.

Now that you've reunited with your body, Brandon says it's time to turn up the sexiness. Even behaviors that at first glance don't seem sensual, like taking a bath, might help you get in the right state of mind. In order to create a comfortable ambiance, relax with water lapping against your skin while lighting a lavender candle. You will swelter as the feelings are felt against your flesh.

4. Masturbate (even if you dont feel like it at first).

Not sexual? No problem. Brandon asserts that it is possible to engage in sexual activity without being aroused. It can make it easier for you to get inside your body and feel those sexual sensations. Contrary to what many people think, arousal can sometimes come first. It can improve libido along with other advantages like better sleep and less stress.

5. Engage in some yoga.

When it comes to sex desire, sometimes going with the flow is necessary. Brandon claims that practicing yoga or meditation can improve your understanding of your sexual preferences. Although the association has only been briefly studied by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, take into account that yoga is all about focusing on movement and breath. It certainly seems incredibly familiar.

6. Start the queue for hot visuals.

You did foresee this one, indeed. Some of us learn best visually, after all. Brandon suggests becoming creative if porn makes you uncomfortable (there's no shame in that). By perusing Instagram, watching the orgyish Harry Styles Lights Up music video, or turning on femme-produced porn, you might be able to get that nice warmth between your legs.

7. Read something spicy.

There is a good reason why erotica novels like Fifty Shades of Grey and After have a cult following. Brandon suggests looking into the erotica scene. You never know where you'll come across the next intriguing book that will force you to stop browsing. Your heart can accelerate and your imaginations can spiral out of control just by looking at sexy stuff, such as reviews of sex devices or articles like this one.

8. Examine your surroundings.

Regular locations are no longer adequate. Amy Levine, the company's founder and sex coach, advocates moving your sex scapade outside of erotic areas. The areas on the right and left of your labia majora where your leg crosses your pelvis are mentioned by the author as providing excellent pressure relief. As you climb beneath the covers, try lightly running your fingertips along your collarbones and giving your nipples a small squeeze. By getting your hands filthy, you might even pick up a few tips and methods that you can later teach your spouse.

9. Set aside your to-do list.

Just as your fantasy was getting fantastic, you suddenly realized there was a mound of clothes. Relatable. According to Brandon, our lives constantly pull us back into our heads. It's challenging to enter your body right away after spending the previous 16 hours in your head. Before you dim the lights and start having sex, get a pen and paper. Make a list of the things you want to get done after and only after turning it on. Put the list away and concentrate on what needs to be done now: feeling sexy. Levine claims that enjoying yourself is possible when you are present.

10. Eat in a sensual way.

If eating some oysters makes you feel wonderful, go ahead and do it. Brandon claims that rather than the food itself, it's more about how you consume it. What if you're eating with your hands? licking the chocolate sauce off your fingers? She extends. Lean into the action of the tongue and savor the moment (and the chocolate).

11. Dance solely for yourself.

Lock your bedroom door, turn on some sensual and empowering music (hello, Lizzo), and start swaying your hips. Sure, at first it might seem strange to shimmy in a silent environment, but keep going. In order to embrace your erotic side, Brandon says it can be quite helpful to move your hips and pelvis sensually. There's no need to worry if you won't display these motions in public. This intimate moment is all yours.

12. Put on lingerie...and strip down.

Brandon says that in addition to dancing, you should strip for yourself. In front of the mirror, taking off a special occasion dress could make you feel like the focus of attention. Levine suggests that you concentrate on every beautiful element of your physique while thinking about what you love about it.

13. Think back on seductive encounters in the past.

When your libido needs a boost, you most likely can recollect at least one great sex experience. Brandon claims that allowing your thoughts to travel there can revitalize your body and get your mind focused on the game. Whether you and a former partner had a wild romp in a park or just hammered out sensuous music on silk sheets, reflecting can be a surefire way to rev your engine.

14. And fantasize about ones that haven't happened yet.

Daydreaming about the career you want to try out or the kink you've always wanted to explore is the best way to lapse into an imaginative, sex-craving haze. You can still use that sexual energy to make you feel tingly inside even if you don't have any immediate plans to make those thoughts come true. Brandon says that the secret is to "recover that sexual energy to connect with your spouse." Ride by yourself? Baby, use all of your creative potential.

15. Go ahead.

According to Brandon, if you don't make having what you desire a priority in your life, it will go away before you know it. You shouldn't be too offended because this happens to everyone. Either read more erotic books or masturbate more often. Although an added benefit, it's not just for the orgasm; it's also for tightening your connection to your desire. Your ability to turn on will become one of your many talents.

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