Nigerian American Rapper Rotimi narrates reasons why living in Nigeria is better than living in United States [video]


Singer Rotimi, a Nigerian-American, asserted that most wealthy Americans don't have as comfortable a lifestyle as wealthy individuals in Nigeria and other countries in Africa.

He conducted a radio interview on Thursday, July 28, 2022, which was then shared on his Instagram page.

According to Rotimi, a person with money in any African country is wealthy and enjoys a standard of living that is ten times higher than that of a person with money in the United States.

Power, the actor most known for playing Dre on TV series, asserted that Africa has had an influence on the swag and fashion in the US.

He continued by recommending wealthy Black Americans to trace their roots and return home since doing so would bring them fulfillment.

 The style, the wealth, the air – Everything is better at home

Click HERE to watch video 

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