Many reacts as secondary school girl arrives to her graduation in convoy [VIDEO]


At her graduation, a high school student from South Africa made a dramatic entrance that got the attention of her classmates and other guests.

She caused a commotion when she arrived at her matric like a queen in a procession of pricey cars. Her mother was in charge of the unique gift that made her daughter the center of attention at the wedding.

The moment the caravan pulled up to the event is captured on film by TikTok, and the students' joy is uncontrollable.

The girl's date, who was dressed in a suit, got out of one of the vehicles and unlocked the door for her to exit another.

Her mom said :

Wow yesterday was a proud moment for me did all of that jst for her continue being humble and respectful as you are Tk the sky is the limit my baby♥

The mother claims she chose to take her infant daughter to school in that manner so she could maintain her demeanor and deference.

  Click HERE to watch video

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