Actress Sola Sobowale opens up on how much she earns per movie in year 2000 [video]


Sola Sobowale, a veteran Nollywood actress and producer, was interviewed by Chude Jideonwo. Sola Sobowale talked about her decision to relocate to London throughout the interview as well as the way of life she had there for many years. She also talked about how much money she was making in Nigeria as an actress before moving. According to her, she left Nigeria so she could enroll her children in a reputed school abroad.

Sola Sobowale said that she lived in Enugu while filming "Christ in Me" before relocating to England from Nigeria. She decided to make Enugu her home after she started getting more movie roles there as a result of her work on that movie. Sola asserted in 2000 that she might work a single week of filming and earn N800,000. She claimed to be moving around for different filming locations and making a good living, but she left it all behind to work in England for £7.50 an hour.

Sola Sobowale said she can do any kind of employment because she believes that labor has dignity. In order to put food on the table and a roof over her head, she has therefore swept, cooked, dusted, and carried out other household jobs in England. She added that when Nigerians saw her on the train or bus, they would comment, "This can't be Sola Sobowale," because she would be wearing her uniform with the name of the company she works for written on it. She promised to inform them she is the real culprit when they pressed her for an explanation of her presence in London. She said that she would request the same in return from them. Sola Sobowale claimed to have made many friends while living in England, for which she is glad and satisfied, but that is all in the past at this point.

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