5 types of man that Nigeria lady don't want to marry


5 types of man that Nigeria lady don't want to marry

When Nigerian women consider marriage and a happy life, they steer clear of the following categories of men.

1. Mummy's pet

You can loose your chances of finding a nice, strong lady good-bye if you are the sort who hang on your mother's every word and are incapable of thinking for yourself without her guidance.

2. A man with several baby mothers

It makes sense why Nigerian ladies stay away from this guy. Many young Nigerians do not want to consciously face the possibility of having to deal with other women and their children throughout their lives, regardless of how far away they may be.

3. Guys that womanize alot

Every time you see a woman, do your eyes rove erratically and your mind wander? If you already know the answer is yes, just be aware that women won't want to be with you for very long.

4. Lazy guy

Even though Nigerian women frequently give the impression that they are obsessed with money and material possessions, the truth is that they seem to prefer a broke man to a slacker.

No woman with any sense wants a man who spends the day dozing on his couch while trying to scrounge up other people and his woman.

Don't drag your feet. It should be obvious why women wouldn't want you.

6. Rude person

Women are being told that it is preferable to even end marriages due to physical assault as abuse incidents increase all around us.

It only serves as more evidence of how abhorrent physical abuse has become when a society that once forced women to stay in abusive relationships is already changing its tune.

So why on earth would you even hope that someone would agree to marry you if you're physically abusing them?

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