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  • SPAC Nation’s Pastor, Tobi Adegboyega supports dream of aspiring pilot with $10,000-course-fee
  • Founder, SPAC Nation London, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega is fulfilling the dreams of an aspiring pilot by sponsoring him with the sum of $10,000 to obtain a license.

    Thirty-five-year-old Fakayode Daniel Olagoke, who broke down in tears while receiving the sponsorship says he has enabled him to obtain a commercial pilot license.

    According to Olagoke, “the major aim for the money is to obtain my commercial pilot license. I have already obtained my private pilot license here in South Africa. I started my career journey at Airline Pilot Training Centre, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It should have been a 12 months programme but I could not complete it due to financial reasons, hence I opted out of school to do some other things. It was my father’s dream to see me become a pilot, so money was raised for me to start afresh at Madiba Bay School of Flight, South Africa.”

    He however started the commercial pilot training but could not continue due to financial issues and unfavourable exchange rates. The indigene of Osun State, Nigeria with his folks who are ardent followers of Pastor Adegboyega on all social media platforms decided to approach him seeing his philanthropic works.

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    While narrating his ordeal, the aspiring commercial pilot said, “while financial issues became a major burden, my life became miserable. I had to leave school to fend for myself in the midst of hostility and xenophobia, I also left a predominantly white populated neighbourhood for lack of funds to live in the suburbs.”

    In the course of his travails, he slept in the streets, encountered countless muggings and assaults. Even after approaching people of prominence within his family’s reach, he was still met with disappointments, until Pastor Tobi came to his rescue.

    Bolarinwa, a sister to Olagoke said, “Pastor Adegboyega promptly came to our aid and helped us put an end to this long and embarrassing saga for our family, he fulfilled a father’s wish of seeing his son, not only alive but also as a commercially licensed pilot.”

    Continuing she added, “Just when all hope was lost, a shining light came in the form of Pastor Adegboyega. We are indebted to this great man of God for doing the Lord’s work in this family. Even after approaching people of prominence around us, we were met with disappointment. The future that looked bleak once is now vibrant and colourful. No amount of words can express just how grateful we are. We are thankful for the life of this Man of God. He’s God’s blessing to us.”

    For the humanitarian and philanthropist, pastor Adegboyega, this is a testament to his willingness to go the extra mile and sacrifice his all to ensure that Nigerians are able to achieve their potential while pledging to do more within his capacity.

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