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  • Secession agitations: We should review 1914 amalgamation conditions – Senator Ekpenyong
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    By Chioma Onuegbu Uyo

    THE lawmaker representing Ikot-Ekpene Senatorial District, Senator Christopher Ekpenyong, has expressed concern over the agitations for secession by the different sections of the country and advocated that the country should review the conditions of the 1914 amalgamation.

    Ekpenyong, who spoke Saturday in Uyo, said tribalism, ethnicity, nepotism, and marginalization are factors fueling such agitations in recent times.

    He recalled that decades ago when such issues were not there that Nigerians were living peacefully and happily together wherever they find themselves irrespective of tongue, tribe, ethnicity and even political affiliation.

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    His words, “I think the time has come for us to sit down together and talk about the future of Nigeria. We should sit down and look at the conditions that brought us together under the 1914 amalgamation. It is time to review the 1914 marriage because it will help us resolve the issues fueling agitation for secession by the different sections of the country.

    ” We must know if we can continue to live as one country after 100 years. For instance, if you marry a wife and your wife sees you as a troublesome husband. After enduring you for 40years, one day She might get up and give you conditions that the marriage can no longer continue unless you refrain from doing those she doesn’t like.

    ” I believe in the unity of this country. However, there is the need to bring an end to these issues of tribalism, ethnicity, favoritism and marginalization threatening that unity. Before the agitations for secession were coming from the Southeastern part of the country, by self-determination groups such as MASSOB and Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB) but together the song of secession is spreading.

    “You can remember that recently a new Yoruba group, O’odua Nationalist Coalition (ONAC) regions joined in the secession clamour, by calling for Oodua Republic. So these are the issues, and we must sit down to look at them and know whether to remain together or not”

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