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  • How GOLEARN will create employment, pay students for learning 
  • According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), about 53.40 percent of Nigerian youths are battling with unemployment.

    This dishearten rate, findings revealed, became worsened early this year following the economic blow dealt by the prevalence of the coronavirus pandemic which made about 42 million Nigerians lose their means of livelihood and joined the already burgeoning number of those living in abject penury in the country.

    Pained by the languishing state of the Nigerian youthful population and the ever-increasing rate of unemployment, one of Nigeria’s most resourceful fintech experts and financial analysts, Paul Olubori sought out for solutions.

    In his quest for answers, he discovered that many unemployed Nigerian youths lacked highly sought-after skills and financial intelligence that can make them provide solutions to peoples’ problems and smile to the bank without being involved in any shoddy or fraudulent deals online.

    He also discovered that for Nigerian youths to be financially secured in the current economic reality, they need to be tutored on how to take full responsibility for their financial planning and earning power, considering the fact that day by day, more people are being laid off at work or have their salaries slashed without prior notice.

    And in response to the sizzling frustration that the underemployed Nigerian youths contend with daily coupled with the worsened rate of unemployed and poverty, Olubori founded Go Learn, an educational platform created for young and ambitious people to learn high income skills and build capacity for financial independence.

    According to Olubori, the Go Learn platform is aimed at empowering students, youths and the general public with powerful, high in demands skills with which they can conquer life’s challenges and be at the forefront in their respective fields of study and society as a whole.

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    He said the Go Learn platform is not a scam or Ponzi scheme and that it is chock-full of insights, tips, tricks and some of the best kept secrets to wealth, all to be revealed and passed on.

    He said the platform offers highly marketable courses such as forex trading, cryptocurrency trading, stocks trading, DeFi, graphics design, makeup, digital/Network marketing, web designing, video editing and how to make money on Fiverr as a Nigerian among others.

    Olubori stressed that with the Go Learn Affiliate Program, one can earn as much as a hundred thousand weekly by referring any one to purchase a course on the platform.

    With Olubori’s wealth of experience in the field of financial technology, the Go Learn platform will undoubtedly ease the pains of purposeful young Nigerians over the festering rate of unemployment.

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