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  • Adrian Bo on the potential impact of consumer reviews
  • It wouldn’t be a wild stretch of the imagination to think of your client as the best salesman for your business. This way of thinking could revolutionize your business strategies.

    We could go a step further and say that if one does not look at their client as a potent marketing tool, then, inevitably, the client can turn out to be a nightmare that could tarnish your brand image and your reputation in the market (that is, if your products and services are below accepted standards).

    Real estate guru and sales trainer Adrian Bo shares how client reviews help in shaping business outcomes and market standards.

    There are three main ways client reviews impact business. First, they enable organic growth through positive reviews. Second, they give feedback through critical reviews. And third, they create space for innovation.

    Client reviews are report cards of your business. In all his years of dealing with clients, Bo has paid keen attention to his customers’ feedback. “I rely on their feedback to grow, rectify my mistakes, and innovate,” he says.

    How do client reviews help business growth? According to Bo, consumers will believe a fellow consumer more than they believe in a high-budget marketing campaign. Client reviews lend credibility to your enterprise. Building credibility in the market is critical to business growth.

    Negative reviews are double-edged swords, according to Bo. With the right attitude and
    approach, enterprises can use negative reviews to set their course in order. A negative review can break the momentum and hinder growth. However, if businesses diligently follow-up and turn a negative review into a positive one by making the necessary changes, then a negative review can be considered as a blessing in disguise.

    Bo maintains consumer feedback could contain more than just praise or criticism. According to him, keenly listening to the market and reading between the lines shows what consumers are asking for. When we can locate consumer needs and aspirations, it becomes easy to imagine solutions for the market.

    Clients come in all types. Some are encouraging and willing to collaborate and work along. Some do not have the mindset to work in coordination.

    However, what they say and think about your
    business, as Adrian Bo says, contains a wealth of information about your business and the course it needs to follow to succeed.

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