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  • ECOWAS Youth Council appoints Daniel Ogoloma as Africa Young Personality of the Year
  • ECOWAS Youth Council appoints Daniel Ogoloma as Africa Young Personality of the Year

    By Juliet Ebirim

    The leadership of the West Africa (ECOWAS) Youth Council has appointed the founder of New Generation Africa and British-born campaigner and strategist of Nigerian descent, Daniel Ogoloma as Africa Young Personality of the Year.

    This was contained in a statement by the President of the Council, Amb. Oluwaseun Ologun Williams.

    Speaking during the investiture, Oluwaseun said, “The West Africa Youth Council (WAYC) exists to attract special attention to the distinctive growth and development of education in Africa, stimulated by specific developmental programs as well as productive and marketable projects.

    As we struggle to stabilize education, empowerment and employment opportunities for our youths in Africa, it is wise and patriotic to bring onboard leaders like Amb. Daniel Ogoloma, a great and distinguished man of our time, who has given succour to the vast majority of people in different capacities and spheres of life.”

    Ogoloma was presented with the Nelson Mandela Africa Young Personality of the Year Award, in recognition of his impact as a passionate change agent and community mobilizer. “We can without equivocation bear testimony to the fact that Amb. Daniel Ogoloma always supports any cause that will uplift the youth, as well as accelerate the pace of socio-economic and educational transformation of Nigeria.

    These among others are the qualities that mark him out as a man of high repute, unquestionable integrity and worthy of emulation.”

    Reacting, Daniel Ogoloma said he is delighted to be accorded the honour.

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    “I don’t necessarily partner with organisations. I’m somebody with a belief and a goal and if I feel that people don’t align with them, I do not necessarily join.

    But I feel confident to say that the vision of the ECOWAS for hope and peace across Africa is something I definitely align with.

    Hope to inspire and motivate young people, as well as the message of peace due to the high level of crime, terrorism and insecurity across our continent. It’s a great honour to join the ECOWAS as an ambassador. With this platform, I intend to further spread the message of hope and peace on a larger scale.”

    The ECOWAS Youth Council before now has honoured African leaders like former Presidents; Olusegun Obasanjo, John Mahama and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf among others, who have encouraged the growth of youth involvement in the continent. Recently GoodLuck Jonathan was appointed an ECOWAS Adviser.

    Ogoloma, a student of Oxford University also noted that the major limitation to change among youths is poverty “One of the major factors that get young people recruited into extremism; crime, terrorism, cultism is poverty. When young people are poor, it makes them prone to extremist recruitment.

    These organisations bring young people in, offer them shelter, food and money and before you know it, they have them carrying arms and doing things they never intended to do.”

    “If we can improve life expectancy by creating more jobs and providing grants to young people, it would go a long way. If you look deeper into the stories of these young people, you’ll realize that they are not happy doing what they do, they are only ‘victims of circumstances.
    It’s important that they have the right circumstances so as to make proper decisions.” Ogoloma concluded

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