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  • Nigerian music industry soon to dominate the world- Samdot
  • Samuel Obatomide Obawusi, better known by his stage name, Samdot, is a young Nigerian singer, songwriter and philanthropist.

    For years, the Nigerian born-USA based lyricist who hails from Osun state has been making waves, big moves in his music career.

    He schooled in Nigeria where he started his musical career as far back as 2015 at Ajayi Crowder University, Oyo, before relocating to USA where he continued his musical career on a full scale.

    Samdot is well known for being an outstanding performer, excellent song writer, melodious vocalist and most importantly, a very generous philanthropist.

    He was born and raised in heart of Yoruba dynasty, Ibadan, Oyo, as the second child in a family of 5 children. He is father to a son named Gynesis, born in USA and is now two years of age.

    His handsome looks and stylish hairstyle has always singled him out, though he has achieved a lot at a tender age to make him more popular. His good sounds and energy keeps him going; as a matter of fact, he inspires himself because he believes he has what it takes.

    Samdot is at the forefront of his music career which always carries an important message for youths around the world. He has been making music since he was in his teens with production credits on several songs from a younger generation of Nigerian artists.

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    In a chat, asked where he sees Nigerian music industry in the next 10-years, he said; “In 10 years, Nigerian music industry will take over the world because I can see the pressure already. More talented musicians keep showing on the timeline. So I believe in 10 years Nigeria music industry will be very great”

    Samdot has immensely contributed to the growth of the Nigerian music industry in so many ways, financially, music-wise, by advising his audience with his music and letting them know what to do at the right time. Basically his music speaks well for him.

    Speaking on who inspires him in the industry, he said; “Davido, when I get up there I will love to be the second Davido in terms of caring for my people and supporting them.”

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