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  • Imo Stakeholders agree to recover stolen properties
  • Imo Stakeholders agree to recover stolen properties
    Imo Stakeholders agree to recover stolen properties
    Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State.

    By Chinonso Alozie

    Stakeholders across political lines in Imo state, yesterday agreed that all stolen properties belonging to government or private individuals be recovered.

    The unanimous decision was taken at the Imo stakeholders meeting held in Owerri, in the state, with former governor of Imo state, Ikedi Ohakim, as the chairman.

    In the resolution passed said that they would also mandate the governor of the state, Hope Uzodimma, to recover all the properties of Imo people from those involved no matter how highly placed of such people.

    It stated briefly, “We the stakeholders from Imo State from the 305, wards in the state, after a meeting in Owerri on Saturday February 21st do hereby resolve to mandate the state government to recover every property, money or wealth stolen from Imo people by any person, no matter how highly placed

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    At the meeting, the governor of Imo, Hope Uzodimma, used the opportunity to give his score card among other things he said:
    “The restoration of Owerri Master Plans means that those who abused the processes would be punished. Those who took land from the government and private individuals would be forced to return them. In short, all looted assets of Imo people must be recovered and Imo State must be for all Imo people.

    “However, I do recognise that power belongs to the good people of Imo State. As a government elected by the people, I called for this special stakeholders meeting to recourse to you on this matter.

    “And so, as the stakeholders of Imo State and the voice of the people, I put the question pointedly to you: Do you want us to recover all looted Imo property and wealth illegally appropriated by any person or group of persons, whether high or low?. Whatever answer is your give, YES or NO, I want you to put it down in a resolution right here and now, and I assure you that your wish shall be the command of my government.”

    “My beloved Ndimo, we have every reason to celebrate God’s goodness to us as a state and people. We should not be detained by rabble-rousers and self-imposed emperors who had since lost their kingdom.”

    “Through the mercy of God, we have stopped them from conquering our state and taking the citizens as captives. We have stopped the unholy march to feudalism. We have reversed a budding aristocracy that would have made a few the illegitimate landlords of the land that belonged to all Imo people and left the rest of us their miserable tenants.

    “Yes, we have every reason to celebrate because we have recovered our state from feudal interlopers and Buccaneers, but above all, we now have a government we can proudly call the government of the people by the people and for the people.

    “WE should all now join hands together in one accord and work for the progress and well-being of our people Owerri, Orlu and Okigwe zones inclusive. Once again, our glorious journey is on course and our shared prosperity agenda will surely return smiles on the faces of our people,” Uzodimma said.

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