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  • Guru Maharaji urges FG to encourage local production of COVID-19 vaccines
  • Guru Maharaji urges FG to encourage local production of COVID-19 vaccines
    Guru Maharaji
    Satguru Maharaji

    Satguru Maharaj Ji  has urged the Federal Government to encourage the local production of vaccines to combat the coronavirus disease

    Maharaj Ji, the Founder of the One Love Family sect, made the plea at a national news conference on Saturday in Lagos.

    The briefing to discuss crucial issues affecting the world had as its theme: “It’s Celebrations Time: The Lord is Here’’.

    Maharaj  Ji said: “I support empowerment  for local scientists to seek a solution to and develop vaccines for COVID-19

    “Last year, we woke to the news of coronavirus pandemic and also moves for the production of vaccines for it, including the Madagascar purported homemade curative and preventative mixture.

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    “We also heard of talks by different quarters on issues concerning vaccines and the emergence of the virus.

    “However, I will like to advise the Federal Government to fully support and promote activities for the indigenous or local production of COVID-19 vaccine rather than completely depending on foreign donors and countries or to buy from same,  including China.’’

    According to Maharaj ji, Nigeria has the expertise to develop vaccines for COVID-19 if the enabling environment and encouragement are in place.

    “We have the capacity. Our researchers and medical team have the expertise; all they need is that needed support and encouragement.

    “They understand our environment and make-up as well as the resources we have at our disposal and so, I know they can also develop a vaccine for COVID-19, given the right parameters.

    “Nigeria can do better. We should do our own  vaccine rather than always depend on outside solutions.’’

    He said: “Above all, what is needed to combat ailments such as the COVID-19 is care, love, sincerity, uprightness. These will help a lot of things.

    “If we show love and care, we will be thinking of humanity devoid of ethnic and religious bias.

    “If we will be sincere and have integrity in all that we do, sicknesses will reduce because corruption would have decreased.

    “Fake drugs will be checked. Policies will be adhered to. Defaulters will be sanctioned. Leaders will be selfless and lead with the utmost sense of purpose.

    “We are also lucky here because of the warm weather which has in some sort of way, helped to check the virus,’’ he said.

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