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  • Dr. Armand Amselem on the importance of maintaining excellent oral health
  • Personal hygiene is one of the most important characteristics for everyone, irrespective of age or industry. One of the most significant yet often overlooked aspects is dental hygiene.

    From the fundamentals to lesser known practical tips, dentist and oral surgeon Dr. Armand Amselem shares 4 tips to better oral hygiene.

    1. Take the fundamentals seriously

    As basic as these may sound, Dr. Amselem is a firm advocate for the daily dental habits that most people overlook. Brushing twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush, flossing once daily, and using a mouthwash religiously are all vital. “I have seen patients reverse early signs of diseases and tooth decay using nothing more than brushing, flossing and taking care of their diet”, says Dr Amselem.

    2. Do not neglect the tongue

    The hygiene of the tongue is just as important as the teeth and gums, and can help prevent bad breath, tonsilitis, gingivitis and mouth cancer. Dr Amselem suggests lightly brushing the tongue along with the teeth, using a metal tongue scraper and even oil pulling. This is a technique wherein coconut oil is swished in the mouth on an empty stomach for 5-20 minutes. It also draws out the toxins, reduces plaque formation and whitens the teeth.

    3. Diet and lifestyle

    Through years of practice, Dr Amselem notes the impact the patients’ diet and lifestyle have on their dental hygiene. He recommends drinking plenty of water, and foods rich in fiber and vitamin D are highly beneficial in maintaining gum and jaw health through stimulation. He also suggests limiting the consumption of sugary and acidic foods, alcohol, tobacco and smoking.

    4. Seek professional help

    Visiting a well-trained dental practitioner twice a year for routine check-ups and treatments is the safest route. From cavities, stains, braces, fillings and surgery, it is always beneficial to take the help of a professional. “Regular visits helps the patient understand how to better take care of their oral health, and prevent any future concerns”, concludes Dr Amselem.

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