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  • Kernodi’s Groovy Single, Mine, hits music wave
  • By Gabriel Olawale

    Nigeria’s fast rising artiste, Nwatu Kennedy with stage name Kernodi, has dropped his début single, Mine, to invoke a sense of reflection of the shape of the woman’s heart.

    For the hip-hop and afrobeat singer, Mine  was inspired by the “deceitful nature of the opposite sex”, he emphasised, “particularly the one I just finished with at that time”.

    Dropped in November 2020 by Unicorn Music, Mine freely expresses some of the very tasteless sides of relationships, which left his emotions botched up.

    Having suffered from such heartbreak, Kernodi said he heaved a sigh of relief after he shared his woes with music lovers in his soulful music, Mine.

    Although he describes himself as a hip-hop and afrobeat singer, the artiste spices it up creatively.

    Now, while his fans are yet to digest this latest music which he hopes would be a hit, the Enugu state indigene is bent on hitting the right notes with more tuneful music.

    “The world should be expecting good music from me. Basically, music is art so it comes from within,” he said with much assurance.

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    Like many newbies in the industry, Kernodi, an architect, eyes collaborations with other established musicians this year.

    Kernodi is down with the fact that music being the drug for the soul. “Once you are in the soul more, you really tend to not feel your immediate surroundings.”

    With the global new normal, Kernodi is perfectly blending the power of social media – @Kernodi on Instagram,  @kennychapoo on Snapchat, and @kernodi on Twitter – and the stage to reach music enthusiasts.

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