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  • Signs that shows when your relationship is in bad state

  • Bad relationship is a majority problem which must of all people are facing in their relationship nowadays.

    Bad relationship state is so toxic that may makes life worse for you, it's can torment your life and can even affect your life career.

    So no one want to be in a bad relationship.

    Here are the tips or signs that's show when your relationship is in bad state or not balance.

    1)Lack of conversation/communication:

    Absence of communication in a relationship shows a great signs that the relationship is getting weak, to let the relationship to be strong and able there should be a strong communication between each other to express your feelings.

    2) Insults:

    Base on logistics it's proper to tease a jokes in a relationship not just to be a boring relationship where everything is not lively it's sucks sometimes ,but when your partner takes all those jokes as insult or exchange the jokes as insult to you know that the relationship is in bad state.

    3)Having sex as solving an argument:

    This act is common among the youth of nowadays, it's perfect you solve your plight, quarrel and arguments before or instead of having sex, but if you're using sexual intercourse as method of solving a problem it's bad.

    4)You feel ease/happy when you are alone:

    Some of the boy friend or girl friend and husband or wife always enjoy been alone which is one of bad signs of worst relationship that's shows you don't love your partner ,if you don't love your partner then why are you together.

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